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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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@Brookster, as a newcomer you may not yet have it visible but there is a feature available in this forum to run simple surveys ("Polls") so if you'd rather go that way, we can set one up for you. Here is a simple tutorial on setting up a poll which will give you a bit of an idea what is possible. Note however you may not yet have permissions to start a poll yourself but one of the forum Admins can set one up for you if that's the case

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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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Brookster wrote:
Tue, 18 Feb 2020, 07:10
Happy to set up a survey monkey and gather numbers to approach ACCC to seek BMW to retro fit type 2 inlet ports as they did in NZ. If I get some interest!
I’m in.

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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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Hi @brookster, I’m also interested. I called BMW about the conversion last week and they quoted me $5,500.

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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

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Ask no questions as to where this came from - but here are the official BMW costings for the change-over:
BMWi3 CCS2 costs.jpg
BMWi3 CCS2 costs.jpg (1.24 MiB) Viewed 262 times
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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

Post by Chuq »

It's unfortunate that BMW Australia isn't just doing this as a matter of course as BMW NZ did when they made the same decision several years ago.

If you do set up an external survey, please share the link here so it can be shared with other BMW owners (such as those who don't use this forum, etc).

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Re: CCS 1 BMW i3's

Post by TAB »

To Terry C or the gadabouts or anyone else that decided to take on BMW about being in breach of consumer Law, i am very very keen to talk to you asap. I have taken on BMW and the best they have offered is a 30% discount off the 2600 price to retrofit to the ccs2 adaptor. Were you successful in getting them to do it for free or get a bigger discount? How did you do it? Your help will be very appreciated. Thank you

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