Hydrogen as an export?

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T1 Terry
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Hydrogen as an export?

Post by T1 Terry » Wed, 14 Jun 2017, 21:19

The topic started of here viewtopic.php?title=hydrogen&t=5221 but rather than have it go off topic for that section of the forum I thought maybe it could be revisited over here.

Wasn't there a method https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabatier_reaction of combining carbon dioxide with hydrogen to form methane again put forward around 12 mths back... might be more, getting old compresses time :lol: We already have a basic infrastructure that suits methane so why not store the hydrogen as methane and use it within Aust as well as an export energy source.
The carbon dioxide is being combined with the hydrogen so at that point it is carbon negative, when used at the other end it releases the carbon dioxide again so it would nearly balance out apart from the carbon produced by the conversion, transport and storage.
Tell me if I'm off with the fairies here, I'm not one who believes in Joe Cells or unity engines with a PTO but it seemed to me an idea that should at least be explored.

T1 Terry
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Hydrogen as an export?

Post by Richo » Fri, 16 Jun 2017, 20:46

I doubt that storing Ammonia or Methane for use as power within Australia is really worth it.
For viability it would be limited to an export.

Escaped Methane could be an issue adding to global warming.
Escaped Ammonia could be an issue to the environment but not add to global warming.

They both have their + and -.

Even if you setup a plant to produce either in a sustainable way using renewable energy sources you would still need to create the method of producing power in the other countries and then have a demand for it.

All doable but I expect it to be a fairly involved process.

For the backyarder for personal use I'd expect their to be better alternatives.

Ha ha never heard of a Joe cell.
They usually brighten my day for a good read and laugh.

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