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Audi wallbox free

Post by g4qber » Fri, 09 Oct 2015, 20:13

Email from Aaron Venema
Audi centre Perth

So essentially the process for purchasing an E-tron is this.

1)      Prior to making a final commitment to purchase an E-tron a home inspection must be conducted by Audi’s approved electrician to verify the costs of installing an industrial socket (230V/16A) on a dedicated circuit as well as the installation of the E-tron wall box. The cost of the inspection is $82.50 which is paid directly to the electrician.
2)      If happy with the cost estimate for installation then a formal order can be placed to purchase the vehicle.
3)      Electrician returns to install the industrial socket and E-tron wall box. The $82.50 inspection fee is reimbursed to the client on the final invoice.

The wall box itself is provided by Audi at no charge so it is only the installation fees that must be paid by the client.

Ultimately, however, the process above can be optional if the client chooses it to be so as the car will charge perfectly well on a normal household socket (230V/10A) but the benefits for having the full installation are these.

1)      Industrial socket reduces charging times down to just 2.5 hours as opposed to the 5 hours it takes to charge from a normal household socket.
2)      E-tron wall box provides an elegant and neat storage solution for the cables.
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