Shacks Holden Fremantle Volt

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Shacks Holden Fremantle Volt

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Hi everyone,

I was distributing fliers for Electrikhana to various car dealers who have an EV or PHEV in their lots. Southside Mitsubishi were particularly helpful and very keen to promote the Outlander. Nissan on the other hand were rather disinterested, as usual. However the real hate came from Shacks Holden.

They have a Volt in the yard that they have "Never even opened the doors on". The dealer was so disinterested in PHEVs and the like that he wished they never took them on. Sounds like they're keen to get rid of it, so much so they have said I can collect it on the Friday before Electrikhana and drop it off on Monday and 'drive it to your heart's content'.

So, if you want a Volt and you are prepared to haggle a little - lowball Shacks Holden in Fremantle and you might just get yourself a deal.
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Shacks Holden Fremantle Volt

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I can lowball like the best of 'em.

The question is do I want a Volt..... :-)

Volt @ Shacks
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