J1772 plug and socket for sale

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Wicom BMS
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J1772 plug and socket for sale

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16A 32A 70A American standard J1772 Plug and inlet on sale!
reputable factory with over 40 years history
very competitive price
DHL/UPS/FEDEX express shipping directly from the factory
fast delivery-one week to receive the goods at your door!
retail and wholesale both !

email: sales.wicom@gmail.com

supply lifepo4 batteries,BMS,charger,various plugs

email:sales.wicom@gmail.com contact:Mandy
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J1772 plug and socket for sale

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Adverse Effects
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J1772 plug and socket for sale

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hmm would you trust a company that has a email of email: sales.wicom @gmail.com

hell i am a 1 man business and i even have a private email server and domain name
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J1772 plug and socket for sale

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It is common in China.

The Elcon battery chargers have been sold this way. I think that this allows the maker to use an agent with good english skills.

Does the cable include the data/control wires?

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