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Events for EV's

Post by 7circle » Wed, 23 Feb 2011, 06:20

Hi All

I have finally put in my application form for AEVA membership.

And have also put my hand up to be the events coordinator for the Melbourne area. I guess this area extends around most of Victoria.

We get many invitations to display EV's at fairs and other shows and public events.

So I hope with the assistance of others we can get some good vehicles out to these to show what's possible on the DIY level and at the professional and commercial level.

So please let me know by posting to this topic or with a Private Mail (PM) on forum what your thoughts and ideas are.

I will post any interesting info I come across and call outs for EV's to come along to events.

I do have a busy schedule this year but I love EV's and zero emission's vehicles so I will make big efforts to get the public up to speed in what's possible with there driving habits.

All puns intentional Image

Cheers 7Circle

Kenrick Jacobsen

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