Lithium Mono-Block Manufactures

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Lithium Mono-Block Manufactures

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I have been looking for sources of battery packs.
The Larger Mono Block looks simple to build into packs

So the other issue is picking a battery size that in say 5 years will still be used, so you can replace cells or replace the pack or reuse the design of parts that build the pack into what you need for your projects.

Will their be a standard size formats?
All these companies have some overlapping mono-blocks sizes.
TS-Thundersky, SE-Sky Energy, IB-International Battery, HP-HiPower

Hi-Power/Thunder Sky/International Battery/Sky Energy/

Ah Min,   AhMax, Size            ,Manufacturers
      , ~ 10Ah, 88x29x106(mm)    ,HP
      , ~ 20Ah, 100x32x160(mm)   ,HP
      , ~ 30Ah, 100x48x160(mm)   ,HP
      , ~ 40Ah, 110x56x160(mm)   ,HP
      , ~ 40Ah, 116×46×182.5(mm) ,TS/SE/IB
      , ~ 50Ah, 152x50x190 (mm) ,HP
      , ~ 60Ah, 142×50×220(mm)   ,_/SE/_
      , ~ 60Ah, 115×61×203(mm)   ,TS/_/IB
      , ~ 90Ah, 143×61×218(mm)   ,TS/_/_
      , ~100Ah, 142×67×217.5(mm) ,_/SE/_
      , ~100Ah, 160x50x282(mm)   ,HP
      , ~100Ah, 163x62x282(mm)   ,HP
      , ~100Ah, 179×62×218(mm)   ,TS/_/_
      , ~160Ah, 209×65×280(mm)   ,TS/_/_
~160Ah, ~180Ah, 182x71x280(mm)   ,_/SE/IB
      , ~200Ah, 183x100x280(mm) ,TS/_/_
      , ~200Ah, 223x69x335(mm)   ,HP
      , ~200Ah, 220x58x330(mm)   ,HP
      , ~200Ah, 362×55.5×256(mm) ,TS/_/_
      , ~400Ah, 450×71×283(mm)   ,_/SE/_
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Lithium Mono-Block Manufactures

Post by 7circle »

While making the list I came across
International Battery who make similar looking cells to Thunder-sky and Sky-energy. Their site says there plant in US was built in 2008. Not long ago.

On the Topic "Sky Energy LiFePO4 Bulk Buy this Week"
Mat replied to my question about them ...
antiscab wrote: they manufacture cells under licence from thundersky.

their cells are expensive (~US$3/ah) and are aimed more at US military applications, where hardware isn't allowed to be sourced from overseas.

not really useful to us.


Thanks Matt
How long ago did that price arise?
The military angle is the same as for other manufactures, their site promotes them for EVs and Electric Scooters too.
Since their plant is quiet knew maybe they aren't so linked to military products and only see it as a market. Their focus on US branding would make sourcing from them more pricey.

There White Paper on manufacturing with water solvents and other bits of well described info made me want to further consider them. They say "The industry's only organic solvent-free production process". That makes me question the process used by other manufactures.

They also offer the Li&NiCoMoX higher nominal voltage 3.6V cells.
I wonder what price $/wh they charge for these lighter (by WH/kg) packs.
Are these Li&NiCoMox allowed in EV's in Australia?
They have a MSDS MSDS - Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide
The 'X' "Trade Secret" Constituent might be a carbon nano-partical and these are popping up in LiFePO4 cells too and Yttrium elemets.
Anyway thats another topic.

So it suprises me that you say their license is linked to Thunder-sky. Does that mean they get the electrolyte materials from them?
Or is the manufacturing process is patented to thunder-sky?
Seems odd.

The Metric Mind Battery List says " Worley Energy Cells (aka Thunder-Sky) "
So I wonder who else is linked in.
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