Engineer requests

Technical discussion on converting internal combustion to electric
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Engineer requests

Post by ohmboy »

I had to stamp a number because the advanced DC had no number. I would check with the Engineer you intend using. I have even heard if EV owners needing an engine number issued by the RTA and then stamping that on the motor. Just bureauocratic B S if you ask me.
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Engineer requests

Post by Renard »

You must comply with the appropriate ADRs.
Consulting the 3rd Edition Australian Design Rules, Number 43.3 at
I read:

43.3.2.                          Engine Number
An identification number shall be legible and permanently stamped, laser engraved, cast or a combination of these upon the main component of the engine at the time of its manufacture and such number shall be located where it can be readily seen when the engine is installed in the motor vehicle for which it intended. [sic]

Now from this I infer that
(i) the RTA can't supply you with a number because it would not be 'at the time of manufacture.'
(ii) The manufacturer's stamped number must be used.
(iii) The number of my motor can't be seen, but that doesn't matter because the motor was never intended for my vehicle. (If there was an unequivocal requirement that the number be visible in any vehicle, then the qualification 'for which it intended [sic]' would not have been added.)

Of course, if there's no manufacturer's number, then technically you can't comply; but I guess that's why you would then apply to the RTA.
Edit: But why not just fake it? Stamp some number on the motor by yourself.

About visibility: I'd suppose that very many converters would have hidden motors, covered up by cell boxes etc. My number is on the top of my motor and covered by a battery box right on top of that.
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Engineer requests

Post by Canberra32 »

My rodeo ute has no vin number or engine number due to a dodgey seller.
So I just needed a id check and sorted.
They just need to prove you owne it.
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Engineer requests

Post by poprock »

hi. According to the VSCCS NSW RMS Electric Drive guidelines June 2013 this does not apply . Page 17 Vehicle Directional Control. " Vehicles NOT fitted with a conventional gearbox and using a voltage reversal switch must be designed so that they cannot be accidentally placed in reverse" edit: Ohmboys post March 2012
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