Motor-axle cobos from Land Rover and Volvo

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Motor-axle cobos from Land Rover and Volvo

Post by a4x4kiwi »

I would love a pair of these motor-diff combos to put into something! Does anyone have contacts in Land Rover / Tata or Volvo.

Land Rover and here

I cant figure out if these have made it to production. The press releases seem to be around 2008.

Volvo has an identically named system as well but I cant find any pics to see if they are the same.
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Motor-axle cobos from Land Rover and Volvo

Post by Mesuge »

Most of these are prolly "need to know basis" high level development/prototype sourced items, i.e. unobtanium or be given quotes several times above Tritium's experimental "carbon stuff"..

You might look at massmanufactured HSD transaxles and or emotor/diff. combos instead as we discussed it in other threads, many of these hybrid SUVs have been crashed/dismantled in past ~10yrs, so are available.
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