Goverment EV Rebates

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Goverment EV Rebates

Post by TropicalEV »

They have a box to tick for electric vehicles on one of the forms i filled out to transfer rego about 2 months ago...Maybe they woke up to the problem. Image...Still..we laugh at them but at least it's a start!....Now if we an just get some $ breaks on the cost of that WOULD be something!!!
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Goverment EV Rebates

Post by peterb »

Hi this is also my issue re weight tax imposed by NSW RTA on a converted rodeo to full electric, my local member referred me to Ann King and Justin McGuire (general manager ministerial) and told thast there rebates were based on the Green Guide. In discussion with the green guide recieved following

Thank you for your email to the Green Vehicle Guide, I apologise for the delay in replying.

As the conversion of your vehicle is classed as an 'aftermarket' modification and the 'weight tax' is a State charge (eg. levied by NSW RTA)

The data which underpins the Green Vehicle Guide is the certification data that manufacturers are required to provide to demonstrate compliance with Australia's emissions standards and fuel consumption labelling standards. We aim to provide data on all vehicles, including those operating on LPG, which are supplied by the vehicle manufacturers to the Australian market (either as mono or bi-fuel vehicles).

We do not have the capacity to rate vehicles which have been originally certified on one fuel and subsequently converted to run on alternative fuels in the "aftermarket", as we have no certification level data for such vehicles and such regulation is a State/Territory responsibility. In addition different conversions may have different performance characteristics.

Given this the GVG is not in a position to be able to assist you.

The GVG Team

how can we get this moving as we are using the relative states documentation to convert but they refuse to accept their own criteria as meeting the emisions?

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