Has Anyone Swapped Out The Nexen Tyres on Kona?

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Re: Has Anyone Swapped Out The Nexen Tyres on Kona?

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LORAX wrote: Mon, 21 Sep 2020, 07:08
The Nexen will actually loose traction down a steep hill if pulling the left paddle, which causes the car to activate full panic emergency breaking but only half a second after fully disengaging regen all together. Very scary the first time it happens.
Ok ... I was actually planning such a driving style as the windy road to Bridgetown usually requires down hill braking ... so good to know. I assume this doesn't happen if in cruise control mode?

Will enquire today about swapping out and changeover costs.
Cruise control uses regen to maintain the set speed downhill. I drive with level 3 regen all the time anyway. Regen is not just on/off; you modulate how much with your right foot. Going down a steep hill with regen level 3 is like being in a lower gear in a manual petrol car without the screaming high revs.
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Re: Has Anyone Swapped Out The Nexen Tyres on Kona?

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If using the break peddle to slow down hard, the car will use regen to the maximum possible before engaging the breaks.
The beauty of using the left paddle pulled continuously is that regardless of the speed or incline, the car will never engage the breaks until the car is stopped.
The down-side is of course that being a 2WD, the breaking force is only applied to 2 wheels. I would imagine that a rear wheel drive, better under acceleration, would actually be worse for hard regen on a wet downhill road.
Despite the limitations, I use the left paddle all the way to stop 98% of the time. More free energy and my brake pads should last the life of the car.
One other thing to keep in mind, and one more reason not to charge to 100% all the time, is that the maximum regen is not a fixed value. If the car is fully charge, regen 3 or holding the left paddle will decelerate slower than with a battery at 60%.
The regen paddles as implemented by Hyundai are the best inventions since gravity.
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Re: Has Anyone Swapped Out The Nexen Tyres on Kona?

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I run Xice in the winter and noticed very little difference when I swapped for the OEM Nexens. Of course, that's a winter tire compared to a summer one. But don't forget that the Nexens are EV tires, designed to be hard and efficient. You won't find many EV choices designed with noise or comfort in mind. Not yet anyway.
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