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Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2019, 11:00
by jeffthewalker
My (2012) LEAF currently gives me 70km highway range, increasing to (maybe) 100km after upcoming warranty battery replacement.

Being the adventurous type with (retired) time on my hands, I enjoy taking my "Restricted Range Electric Vehicle" (RREV) on regular long trips. Around Australia in 2016, (others and) 4,000km 3 months ago and 1,000km last week. I still love driving my LEAF but the pre-planning to find suitable charging spots is wearing a bit thin:-). Caravan parks, showgrounds, etc, etc, "work" but are limited by time of day, availability (and friendliness) of caretakers, negotiating cost, etc. Some Type 2 stations are available in shopping centres and other locations but often locked after hours or not on highway locations.

During my last 2 trips I thought about the near future when RREVs will probably see an ever increasing popularity. Older EVs like my LEAF but also RREVs will enter the fray to fill the market for affordable second vehicle and small city cars. The market for low cost (low range) EVs will be orders of magnitude greater than the market for $50,000+ EVs.

Although these RREVs will satisfy the daily needs for short city commutes, they will occasionally want to venture further out. I am thinking Brisbane to the Gold/Sunshine Coast and Sydney to the Central Coast for instance. As EVs gather market share, regional and rural areas could also use simple to use topup stations.

Possible solution open for comment;
Initial hardware is around $1,000 (finance suggestion later).
Wall mount 7kW EVSE with Type 2 Mennekes socket hard wired to DIN circuit breaker and meter.
Type 2 to J1772 cable for hire in business hours (can include electricity).
Type 2 to J1772 cable for sale.

Host site to provide access to distribution box and (non-prime) parking space (EV charging and/or staff parking).
Host site can kill circuit breaker if site abused (local EV resident use as personal parking space:-).
Local electrician to install and maintain (cost details later).
Access for EVs is 24/7. Bring your own cable. Costs is by donation (more later).
Or loaner cable available from host site during business hours, probably general store or similar.

Local community group or organisation would be invited to initiate and maintain the station. The local group would find the suitable location, win over the owner/occupier, find a friendly electrician, etc.
Apex, Lions, P&C, Amateur Radio Group, Scouts, Business, Shire Council, etc.
Installation can include A5 size local business advertising for a fee to the support group.

Any person or organisation can finance and own the station. If one or two EVSE types are settled on, I will carry spare(s).
My money is where my idea (mouth) is. I will finance one station. I believe that I will recoup my initial "investment" from users, general public (maybe) or even some sort of social media content. If totally unsuccessful, I can take it home and sulk. If it is successful, I will donate the station to the support group and "do it again".
An appeal (not my cup of tea) can be made for government or corporation grant. Once I think of a suitable locality, I will contact local groups to seek enthusiasm for support (I have my first one ready).
It needs a catchy name. I liked "EV Energy Refresh Open Network" (EVERON) but the business and domain name is already in use (not for the same sort of service).

I know I am inviting a lot of comment and some of it against the idea, but I need to hear other thoughts before I just head off on my own (or maybe even drop it altogether).

Re: Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2019, 11:58
by Rusdy
Sigh... I wish local councils are more supportive on this one. To make it 'slightly' future proof, those non-network mennekes wall chargers should be not too expensive, me naively think. Even 15A Australian wall socket will do (that opens 24/7).

The problem with the 'RREV' (a.k.a. gen-1 Leaf), the battery is no longer can be 'fast' charged anyway (geeky spill here).

Re: Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2019, 13:26
by jeffthewalker
Thanks for the feedback Rusdy. The EVSE with Mennekes socket is around AUS$500 landed so not too bad. Possibly/probably cheaper in quantity.

I prefer this arrangement with the EVSE in the wall unit over the 15A wall socket as the Type 2 to Type 1 cable is easier to carry around and deploy rather than the (more expensive) EVSE in the portable cable.

I still get quite some benefit from the DCFC rate even though I am down to 8 bars. There is also a problem with some/most DCFCs which cut off before 100% charge. When I am stretching my range I need to find a 15A Mennekes or wall socket to take it the full load.

Re: Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Thu, 10 Oct 2019, 20:53
by brunohill
Perhaps we could partner up with or infiltrate some of these service clubs like Apex or Lions, who already have parks with switch boards and electric barbeques in most small towns.

Re: Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Fri, 11 Oct 2019, 04:48
by Chuq
When you say very cheap and basic EVSE I think of the EO Mini. Is that the kind of form factor your thinking about? ... v-charger/
It’s still over A$900 so not sure what you are finding for $500!

Re: Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Fri, 11 Oct 2019, 10:19
by jeffthewalker
I would be buying direct fro China. Just a few to start then if the gig works I'd get more for distribution and spares. The first one is dumb enough for me. ... 1da1195ZIq ... 1da1195ZIq ... ypass=true

Re: Simple (to use) wall mount =<7kW open network

Posted: Fri, 11 Oct 2019, 13:46
by Chuq
Hmm... Not sure how confident I'd be of travelling to a town where I need to charge to get back, and the only charger in town being one of those...

As a fellow Leaf owner, I think we (and i-MieV owners) are going to be the only RREV vehicles around. Given neither can charge at more than 3.6 kW, I would suggest 15A outlets would be significantly cheaper, more reliable, and more versatile. It's like a cut-down version of the Round Australia Electric Highway, which used 3-phase, but the same general idea - use standard sockets. Yeah, it's a pain to get your portable EVSE out, but we don't drive Leafs multiple hundreds of kilometres for convenience :)

For the main routes, I think we can take advantage of the fact that while individual networks may only want to install a site every 150-200 km, there will be multiple networks which will overlap in some cases. For example, when the Chargefox, Evie and NRMA networks are complete, there will be only 1 gap greater than 80 km between DC fast chargers on the Melbourne to Sydney route. Eventually this same density will appear on other routes.

Also side note, I had to laugh at this pic: