Toombul shopping centre (Brisbane) chargers

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Toombul shopping centre (Brisbane) chargers

Post by coulomb »

I'm a public charging noob, so I don't want to mess things up. But it seems to me that the information in both Plugshare and Chargefox are wrong for this site.

For example, Plugshare says that there are two CHAdeMO stations, but I saw only one today. It has two ports, but one of them is a 50 kW CCS/SAE connector (hope I got that right). It says that there are two CCS/SAE ports, but I see three: one 50 kW, and two 350 kW. It mentions no J1772 ports, but I saw two (level 1). Three Tesla destination chargers is correct, but is it really true that these are limited to 6 A? A Tesla would barely notice that!

Are there other chargers that I didn't see today? [ Edit: I saw the three Tritium chargers on the roof, and the 4 AC chargers (5 cables) on level 1 near the "CHARGE HERE" sign. ]

Can I just go ahead and edit the information on Plugshare (some sections seem locked) or Chargefox, or is that considered rude somehow?

From the Plugshare photos and comments, I gather that the three Tritium chargers are quite new (May 2019). Maybe there were two 50 kW chargers there before? If so, that would explain many of the discrepancies. It's great to see them there; thanks to whoever organised and paid for them!

When Plugshare talks about "stations", they seem to be talking about ports / plugs. It seems to me that a "station" would be a box, which might have two or four or one ports / plugs, so the terminology seems unfortunate.

Finally, my apologies for calling these things "chargers", since technically only the DC fast chargers are chargers. The AC equipment are really EVSEs. But I think that's one fight that we're not going to win.
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Re: Toombul shopping centre (Brisbane) chargers

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Hi Mike,
Congrats on the new EV, good to see you're enjoying it.

Plugshare is crowd-sourced data, so you should absolutely update any information you can. I've done so where I've found things that aren't correct.

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