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Repository of DC fast charger information

Posted: Sun, 19 May 2019, 20:44
by Chuq
Quick intro:
  • Plugshare is the de facto reference from charging infrastructure in Australia, and serves its purpose well.
  • I recently tried using ABetterRoutePlanner (ABRP) and found that many locations were missing. I looked around their site and found that they have asked Plugshare if they could use their information, but Plugshare is a commercial entity and wants to charge a fee for access to this data. I find this particularly disappointing as a lot of the content on Plugshare was contributed by us, the general public, for free.
  • Anyway, this lead me down the path of possible alternate repositories of this information. I found a site called OpenChargeMap which is a non-profit organisation, and it's content is licensed appropriately - so others can use it. (It is one of many sources that ABRP uses).
  • I'm not suggesting replacing Plugshare, it is great for finding obscure locations such as caravan parks or 10A outlets in towns in the middle of nowhere, or showgrounds with 3-phase outlets, or people offering up their residential chargers. It's also great for recording photos and check-ins of locations so people know what to expect.
  • With EVs hitting the mainstream, "normal" people will be wanting to know which fast chargers can be used to travel certain routes across the country. My suggestion is making sure that data on all major DC fast charge networks are available in a consistent format. This might be something that major players like Tesla, Chargefox, and probably Evie (Fast Cities) will do, but other organisations such as the Queensland Government or NRMA might not have the resources, or it may not be a priority.
I've chatted with the ABRP admins on their forum and they have confirmed that they can import site data from a Google Spreadsheet without an issue. Given this is the quickest and easiest method to set up, I've gone ahead and done that.

Please take a look at: ... sp=sharing

Note the first tab is the data (list of sites), the second tab has some further notes and comments.

Re: Repository of DC fast charger information

Posted: Wed, 22 May 2019, 12:45
by jonescg
Sorry, I can't stop seeing Tony Abbott's "Suppository of all wisdom" in this title :lol:

It would be good if Plugshare could highlight the difference between CCS2 and CCS1 a bit better.

Re: Repository of DC fast charger information

Posted: Sun, 26 May 2019, 19:09
Have a look at Google maps, it shows charger locations, types of chargers, plug types, and soon it will show availability status.

Re: Repository of DC fast charger information

Posted: Sat, 01 Jun 2019, 10:42
by Chuq
Sorry for the late response, I didn't get email alerts of replies!

@jonescg I hope I'm better at English than Tony :P And I agree, Plugshare is extremely lax in keeping their plug types up to date. In fact they rarely update the site engine at all. I sent them details about it (the CCS types and others) over a year ago and no change.

@EVCS,AUS It does, but I'm not sure where they get the data from and it's often incomplete. They may have a source or it may just be that people add individual sites manually.

In both cases, Plugshare and Google are commercial companies and do not provide access to their source data. That's why this spreadsheet data is different.

Anyway I do have an update (good news) - ABetterRoutePlanner is now importing information from the Google Sheet I linked! Try their site and use a Kona to get from Geelong to Walgett and you'll see what I mean :) I'm working on getting OpenChargeMap to use the same data.