Toyota Prius thread?

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Toyota Prius thread?

Post by T1 Terry » Sat, 28 Oct 2017, 08:19

Are there any topics here that discuss the Toyota Prius in particular? Now I have my 2008 Brisbane taxi Prius registered it's time to start fiddling with it :twisted: It now has 710,000km on the original engine and drive train, the left hand drive shaft is up for replacement, apparently the battery was replaced with a second hand one from a wreck back in 2006 at around 600,000kms and at the moment it seems to be working fine.

Does anyone know the voltage range of the battery pack?
Has anyone tried linking LYP cells directly to the Prius cells to extend the capacity/range?
What criteria determines when the ICE motor is engaged and can this be altered at all?

T1 Terry
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Re: Toyota Prius thread?

Post by Phildo » Mon, 19 Mar 2018, 03:47

Hopelessly late reply, and it completely fails to answer the actual question, but here's some other Prius-relevant info.

For mechanical and general info about Priuses (Priuii?) there are various US forums, including:

As well as various other general Toyota forums.

Parts - for part numbers, etc, I'm using: ... -aheebq/1/

First rule of the Prius: Get the Toyota Techstream software and a MiniVCI cable. The cable will cost around $20 from eBay or Older versions of Techstream are free.

Second rule of the Prius: Keep a 10mm spanner in the glovebox. When a Prius isn't happy for some reason then it won't go. By disconnecting the 12v battery (I disconnect the black negative clamp) and waiting a couple of minutes it resets the Prius computers and the car will probably then start. I've tried waiting 30 seconds and one minute, and it doesn't always clear the computers. So, stuff it, I set a timer on my iPhone for 2 minutes.

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Re: Toyota Prius thread?

Post by jonescg » Mon, 19 Mar 2018, 07:21

Several members have done the plug in hybrid conversion trick, but usually on older vehicles. I know EVric has one, hopefully he will chime in.
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