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Re: Zoe charging

Post by g4qber » Tue, 16 Oct 2018, 18:09

There are 43kw Ac chargers in WA on the RACWA Electric Highway

https://www.drivezero.com.au/charging/l ... c-highway/
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Re: Zoe charging

Post by doggy » Tue, 16 Oct 2018, 18:50

This is correct. The R90 and R110 are 22kW charge.

The Q90 is 43kW charge but not available in Australia.

However, the regen charges at up to 41kW when you use the brake pedal as well as taking your foot off the accelerator.

If you look at the real world charge rates I published at the top of this thread you will see that 43kW charging would not buy a huge amount of time because of the battery acceptance rate. I think my estimate was a mere 30mins on a full charge.


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