Just another Tesla killer

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Just another Tesla killer

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The Ford Mustang Mach-e did the Bjørn Nyland 1000km challenge in 1 hour more than the Model 3 SR+ .....11.5 V 10.5 hrs but with a battery exactly twice the size......a win for efficiency again.
There are enough Tesla haters to make it a sales success out here I imagine.
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Re: Just another Tesla killer

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It was pretty cold when he was doing his testing but I was expecting more from the range test from its large battery.
Waiting for the Car Advice review to give it an efficiency score of 9 because its comparable to cars in its 'class' but we will ignore Tesla. The e-tron got a 9 and the Ioniq got a 6 because it was lumped in with the hybrid and PHEV versions and they disappointed.
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