charge pin not retracting

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charge pin not retracting

Post by g4qber » Sun, 11 Dec 2016, 19:13

when car is unlocked or after DC Fast charge
eg. Bunbury RAC Electric Highway

Other i3 owners have had this, now it is my turn.

i3 going in 21 Dec for a diagnosis.
Auto Classic cannot order parts until diagnosis is complete.
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Re: charge pin not retracting

Post by ev.2549 » Wed, 20 Jun 2018, 11:08

I also had this, after granny charging overnight, and it was very cold. I pulled the blue cord in desperation. Big mistake. It should only be pulled 20mm - mine was much further. Locking solenoid apparently buggered, according to BMW Canberra. Only $938 later, it's all back.
DON'T PULL THE CORD - lock, unlock, relock, etc. shake and wriggle. it WILL eventually come out!
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