BMW i3 for sale on carsales

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BMW i3 for sale on carsales

Post by g4qber » Fri, 03 Jul 2015, 19:44

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BMW i3 for sale on carsales

Post by BigMouse » Mon, 06 Jul 2015, 21:42

After moving to the US, I do not miss Australian pricing on this sort of thing! That kind of money will by an 85kWh Model S here!

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BMW i3 for sale on carsales

Post by bladecar » Mon, 06 Jul 2015, 23:30

Hi Biggie,

I was just saying to my wife this morning that I believe the US has the world tied up, what with zoning. Why isn't something the same price in Au as in the US, aside from transport costs?

I heard that Target set up in Canada and had much higher prices for goods than across the border in the US. Target in Canada went bust. Heard that the CEO of the Canada group got a big bonus. Like to hear the story about that.

Still, I don't want to move to the US.

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