Leaf cells

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Leaf cells

Post by beaujewel » Fri, 22 Jul 2016, 00:54

I used to have access to the for sale section of the forum but it seems I am now blocked. Anyone else have this problem?

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Leaf cells

Post by alexeiw123 » Thu, 25 Aug 2016, 00:48

alexeiw123 wrote:
Johny wrote: Thanks for the post Lex. Please post the progress and results.
Will do, once the mounting method for all the modules is sorted, it shouldn't take too long.

here's a photo of the new modules and the old cells. The CALBs had top levelling strips but no active BMS, by the time I'd noticed they were out of balance the damage had been done (to some). They will likely be re-purposed for a 48V house system.

Edit: that IMG embed doesn't seem to work: direct link


It just randomly occurred to me that I never reported back.

Car has been up and driving for 6 months or so now. Electrically, all has been great.
I have a mechanical gremlin (drivetrain vibration) I haven't been able to solve just yet - and a busy uni semester and family addition has limited my time to look in to it. I suspect I may be up for a new gearbox - as such I've got my controller set ultra conservatively and haven't yet pushed the batteries! Sag is much less than with the CALBs though and the car is driving great.

Car needs a wash and detail and some terminal covers, I'll post some photos after that. Very happy with the leaf cells though. Easy to work with.

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