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holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sun, 30 Jun 2013, 16:06
by g4qber
10A max
compatible with imiev and leaf
no lock hole

drill down on this page ... -and-parts

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sat, 09 Nov 2013, 03:24
by Peter C in Canberra
I'm not sure from the mentions of this EVSE whether it pulls 10A or 6A from the wall when used with an iMiEV, or if there is some way to select how much power it takes. Is the 10A what it takes if an iMiEV says it wants that much but a volt only asks for 6A?

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sat, 09 Nov 2013, 03:31
by g4qber
volt defaults to 6A
one then has to select 10A from the touch screen.

when I plug the Holden EVSE into the imiev imiev draws around 9A

I've just ordered a 15A clipper creek unit from america, on the condition that if the volt trips, I can get my money back. This already has an Australian 15A plug on the end of it.

repeating myself,
these 3 portable units trip on the Volt.
a) mitsubishi 10A EVSE - Panasonic
b) evseupgrade's 16A Nissan badged - Panasonic
c) charge-amps - 16, 10, 6 selectable
holden don't want to know cos they are not holden authorised products.
even the RAC's elektrobay Bollard at 46 Grogan Rd causes the volt to fault.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sat, 09 Nov 2013, 03:44
by Peter C in Canberra
So, you had no problems with the Holden EVSE connected to an iMiEV and nothing is selectable on the Holden EVSE itself, it just delivers the ~9A that the iMiEV asks for, the same current that the iMiEV asks for from the Mitsubishi EVSE?
If so, it sounds like an ideal, not too expensive spare EVSE to leave in the car so the Mitsubishi one can be left plugged in at home and I don't need to keep putting it in and out of the car.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sat, 09 Nov 2013, 03:54
by g4qber
yes that is correct.

the replacement Mitsu unit costs $AUD1550.
interestingly Nissan unit costs $AUD3410; I fell off my chair!

the volt unit feels cheap and
the original EVSE that came with the volt died & was replaced under warranty by Melville holden.

Phoenix Holden was going on about how the EVSE has to be powered up in a particular way.
I bought my volt from Phoenix Holden, but they are not very EV savvy.
and are not willing to experiment.
One mechanic said "We are Holden, we know what we are doing. Don't call us we'll call you".

Melville dealer principal is 100% behind the volt. He was happy with my testing the various EVSEs at his dealership which didn't trip his RCD; possibly because he doesn't have properly installed RCDs?
Melville holden also was one of the sponsors behind the screening of "Revenge of the Electric Car" together with Magic Nissan.

Might be good idea to check with mitsubishi Re: warranty.
else they might come back at you saying that they won't cover faults since one is using a non-Mitsu EVSE.

RRP = $US745
I would use this if the volt didn't trip RCDs
I like this unit cos it has a cover.
hopefully a future model may have a physical lock; it currently has a PIN.
one issue is that passersby can pull the charge coupler out.
hence I like the Yazaki charge couplers that come with the Mitsu

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sat, 09 Nov 2013, 04:10
by Gabz
g4qber have you tested your RCD to see what mA fault it actaully breaks at

you can get one of these ... ts_id=2383 should be able to find one a a electrical distributor wear high vis you'll get a better price.

it shouldn't fault until you get to 30ma or 35ma for most common RCDS

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sat, 09 Nov 2013, 04:19
by g4qber
yes tested with RCD tester, all above board.

as mentioned elsewhere on the forums, the volt trips at multiple locations when using the non-genuine Holden EVSEs

viewtopic.php?title=a-closer-look-at-th ... sue&t=3787

the only one that really works is e-station's units
a) card version
b) non-card version

the 16A non-card version negotiates a 10A charge max
hence i upgraded it to the 32A unit which negotiates a 14A charge
the 16A card version negotiates a 14A charge; this is what I currently use when out n about, until I get the clipper creek 15A hopefully.
I keep the 10A Holden EVSE in the volt too.

bottom line is that there is something odd with the Volt.
other Volt owners are probably not bothered in testing since they seem to be happy with getting a 2nd $350 10A EVSE.
also are not phased by the longer 6 hour charge.
note that only about 10kWh is used by the volt even though the pack is 16.5kWh
hence the $2.50 ad.

the magic number is 60
6A x 10 hours
10A x 6 hours
15A x 4 hours

Great write up of the volt here ... ive-review

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sun, 17 Nov 2013, 22:32
by marty11
"until I get the clipper creek 15A hopefully."

Is this the model you are thinking of? ... -15-20.pdf

So did you get the Clipper Creek?

Does it allow you to choose, for example, 10amps if thats the only wall outlet you have available during travels?

I am guessing on trips you would take the 4 hour charge as well as the Holden 10amp just in case you cant use the clipper creek?

maybe the clipper creek in austrlia will charge 10.6 kwh in around 3 hours 45 mins?

I am interested as well. .in the charging times.. .I travel from Snowy Mountains to Central Coast quite a bit..

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Mon, 18 Nov 2013, 05:35
by g4qber
yes i believe that is the one except that they don't make them with the yazaki charge coupler anymore.
this one also has the australian 15A plug on the end.

unfortunately it doesn't allow choice of 10A.
if you need 6,10,16A choices try the charge-amps unit.
but be prepared to reset your RCDs or run it on a circuit without RCDs since the EVSE has an RCD in it already.

should be arriving this week.
they said that it would take 2 weeks.

can't wait to test to see if the volt trips.

charged today at UWA on elektrobay. fault light shows up.
will take a few charges to get rid of it.
first time I've used the preconditioning function of the volt.
this could have upset it.

remind me not to get gen 1 products ever again. :|

will be interesting to see if chevy/holden read this stuff. I guess I gotta be careful what I write as this is visible worldwide.
Perhaps I can get Julian Assange onto the case to find the truth, but I guess that Chevy/Holden will just rely on the idea that these other products are not designed for Volt so it is outside their scope of support.
on the other hand, EVs are supposed to conform to a particular standard.
a) SAE J1772
b) SAE combo in future.

I wonder if JuiceBox will also allow returns if their unit trips on the Volt. ... ng-for-99/

Juice Box implementation. ... harging-st ... ng-station

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Mon, 18 Nov 2013, 13:22
by Gabz
g4qber wrote: but be prepared to reset your RCDs or run it on a circuit without RCDs since the EVSE has an RCD in it already.

Remember the only devices under the wiring rules to not have a RCD is circuit is those hard-wired in. you can not have a GPO or other powerpoint or lights without a RCD.

National WHS (OH&S) laws now require RCD to be installed an every workplace where a device is plug in and the operating environments are harsh or a device is frequently moved during it's normal use.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Tue, 19 Nov 2013, 20:18
by g4qber
Clipper creek EVSE ECS-20 arrived today.

good news, house RCD hasn't tripped ... yet.
bad news volt doesn't charge intermittently.
good to see that the spike doesn't travel all the way back to the house's RCD.


looks like e-station's EVSE is the ONLY reliable non-Holden EVSE for my volt for now.

will be interesting to see how marty11 goes.
also waiting for ac-motor's VSS device.

steps taken.
0. volt fully charged; used Holden 10A EVSE last night.

1. plug in EVSE into 15 Amp wall socket
2. turn on power switch.
3. power and ground present light shows up
4. plug charge coupler into volt.
5. charging fault occurs.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 06:36
by g4qber ... r-12-hours

looks like the Volt doesn't like playing ball with non-Volt EVSEs
seems to be affecting US Volt owners who are trying out the Clipper Creek EVSE.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 18:42
by marty11
hi G4,

Could you try your evse into a larger amperage outlet?

15 amp isn't enough for that evse .. try a 20 amp as a minimum.. preferably a 25 amp outlet or larger..if you know of one somewhere. Then post the result..

Here is an excerpt from the same Thread you mentioned ..

"As the previous poster had asked, "Is this on a dedicated circuit?" Not to mention, a circuit designed for at least 25 amps."

I have a 15 amp available at the Motel where I work. I would plug that evse into a 25amp rated point. I would not use the 15amp outlet I have.

This is also a factor with the Volt on the highway. .Say you have your evse in back of your Volt, as well as the 6 / 10 amp Holden Charger. Would you be able to find many 20amp oulets on the road anywhere? Maybe Caravan Parks? Tire shops?

Some shopping centres on recargo have Power points. .but I am guessing they are 10amps?

You will find plenty of places to plug in, but how many say 20 amp or larger ones.. we need a list along all major highways for the Volt!

Maybe try the 15 amp setting in a 25amp Outlet, then try the 20 amp setting in the same 25amp outlet and let me know how you are going!

Maybe a 20 amp outlet is too small for your 20 amp setting as well.
I would seek out a 25 amp, 30 amp , or 40 amp outlet to try before thinking that the Clipper Creek or the Volt aren't up to scratch?

I know my sparky says that for a 15amp appliance you may need a larger amperage outlet. .but hey... electrical I know little about (apart form I like EV driving)    Image

ps.. I am not going to buy one till I see how yours works out! Image

ps 2.. Looking forward to your post giving charge times at 20 amps!

Cheers. .marty

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 19:22
by offgridQLD
I think all my 15A outlets in my shed are on 20A breakers. Installed recently by an electrician.


holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 20:56
by g4qber
Ac-motor are your 15amp sockets at the research facility on 20 amp breakers ?

Seems that clipper creek make the internal components of the Holden evse

a) The relay sounds are similar.
b) charge coupler is Delta type; no lock hole like yazaki :|
c) power socket connector to EVSE similar; ie on top

Just got reply from Will Barrett of Clipper Creek.
They do make the internal components for the 10A Chevy/GM EVSE.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 21:03
by Johny
I have a theory on why the GM EVSE (and maybe the Clipper Creek) trips earth fault systems.
I may be completely wrong - but I mught as well air it.

When I was fiddling with the AC motor controller for the Vogue, I needed to step up the 1240 VAC mains by about 50 VAC to get the controller to close it's pre-charge relays.
I did this with two 10 Amp 25 VAC transformers wired in such a way as to boost the mains.

The output of this was then fed into the 3 phase inputs on the controller.
If I earthed the controller the RCD/MCB in the switchboard would immediately trip.
I traced it back to the 3 phase inputs having capacitors from each of U,V,W to ground in the controller. On real 3 phase this would have been fine, but with single phase the result was an imbalance in current with Active and Neutral.

The theory
OK - here's the theory...
Could it be that the Volts EVSE was designed with the USA 2 phase 240 VAC in mind - and that it has RFI caps from both Active and Neutral to ground?
This would make it quite marginal for earth fault detection in Oz but would work fine in the good 'ol US of A.

The caps probably don't need to be removed entirely but changed to a smaller value. RFI will probably suffer but not much.

Just a theory...

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Wed, 20 Nov 2013, 21:16
by g4qber
finally someone with a clue!
yeah baby.

that's the thing sometimes, just because other people are not experiencing the fault doesn't mean that the issue doesn't exist.

the volt only draws around 14A on my 15A circuit with the Circontrol fboxes.
yes, the 15amp circuit in the garage is ONLY used to charge EITHER the imiev OR the volt.

I generally see 15amp power at caravan parks.
City of Perth however installed 32A 3 phase in carparks that offer Electric Car charging. This was due to the WA EV Trial Ford Focuses which had this form of charging available.
you can see them on
eg. Pier St, Roe St, Regal Place, Elder St, etc.

holden EVSE = $350 on website

Posted: Sun, 31 Jul 2016, 12:21
by g4qber
$378.65 incl GST
City motors Holden
New part number