PHEV Watchdog for the Outlander PHEV

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PHEV Watchdog for the Outlander PHEV

Post by GreyBigFoot » Fri, 08 Sep 2017, 17:39


I've been developing in the past months a monitoring app for the Outlander PHEV that I believe will help to know better the PHEV as long as following very close the battery condition.

This app will read the info provided by the car itself and display it instantly while you are driving (live data) as long as calculating some interesting statistics as energy and fuel consumption, consumed/charged/regenerated battery capacity, distance on pure electric, ev driving, glide/regeneration time, and much more.
Integrates GPS data from the device where you are running it, which retrieving ascent/descent/elevation and coordinates.
Will manage historical data, every trip stats are kept as long as the battery condition changes.
Oh, and it's able to log all the info into a file (CSV).

It's completely free with no hidden or limited features, all for the benefit of the community.
I'm not charging anything and will keep it that way in the future.

It's called "PHEV Watchdog" and you'll need Android 4.0.3 (minimum) to run it.

Here's the download link of the latest release v0.8: ... W1vUmJTVHc

And of course a compatible OBD adapter (bluetooth only) is required.

The following have been reported to work properly:

OBDLink LX (available at Amazon)
Konnwei kW902 (chinese clone, available at Amazon, gearbest, etc).
Vgate icar2 Bluetooth 3.0 (available at Amazon)

One cheap chinese generic OBD dongle has been reported to work also.
So others may work or not... You'll have to try, or purchase one of the above.

There is also a dedicated facebook discussion group where I do the updates and answer some questions:


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