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Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Mon, 15 Aug 2016, 15:57
by a4x4kiwi
Hi all,

I am about to get the 30k service booked. This is my first service. I commute 100km per day, I am clocking up the ks.

Does anyone have any advice of where to go (Sydney) anything specific to ask for?

I will ask for a free map update. I believe you are entitled to 2 free updates in the first 2 years. I have read it online but cant find an official reference.

I heard that caped price servicing may not apply for the Mitsubishi used vehicles from North Shore Mitsubishi in Ryde. Can other conform this?

Any good or not so good experiences with dealerships?


Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Tue, 16 Aug 2016, 15:15
by Timmojames
Hi Mal,

I'm in the same boat! I put about 30k on my car each year and just bought an Aspire in May.
I'd be interested how your service experience goes, I was less than impressed with North Shore Mitsubishi when I needed the Wifi password. They may have just been having a bad day though.


Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Sun, 25 Sep 2016, 23:39
by a4x4kiwi
I did my research phoning around the various PHEV dealers in Sydney to get a price on the 30k service.

All tried to rip me off blind except Booths in Gosford. A family owned and run company I believe. I will take a trip up there with the family during the school holidays and see the new car museum while the Outlander is being serviced.

Like many, mine is x-fleet so not eligible for fixed price servicing which is $470.

See below prices.

Alto Mitsubishi
About $600. Will email quote. Quote not received.

Northshore Mitsubishi
Mobile servicing ‘bout $700

Suttons Mitsubishi

Lander Mitsubishi

Booth's Mitsubishi
460 Pacific Highway
North Gosford NSW 2250
T: 02 4321 7766

Service $470 (phone quote)

Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 2016, 00:08
by 4Springs
Our 15k service cost $159.80.
Looking at the service booklet the 15k one is an A service. 30k one is a B service, which includes everything in the A service plus replacing the brake fluid and 7 further inspections.

The "capped" pricing (which I did not take) is $355 for both 15k and 30k services.

Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Mon, 26 Sep 2016, 15:28
by zzcoopej
a4x4kiwi wrote:All tried to rip me off blind except Booths in Gosford. A family owned and run company I believe. I will take a trip up there

Make sure you have that in writing. I was offered a discount on the capped price service at Pennant Hills Mitsu for the PHEV over the phone ($295 instead of $350), however when I turned up they argued that a "capped price" was actually "fixed price" lol.

We have had a horrible experience with Booths at Gosford, however that was with our iMiEV (couldn't replace the windscreen wiper despite pre-warning them, wouldn't fix the satnav, rude attitude). Booths were also terribly un-competitive in price for the purchase of a PHEV. Since then we had 5 recalls done on the iMiEV at Booths as it wasn't practical to take it to Sydney for 2 days, and Booths almost redeemed themselves.

Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2017, 15:24
by a4x4kiwi
Last year when I started this thread, they undercharged me. I paid the cap.

I now need my 45k.

I got quotes from $800 to $960. No chance.

I will be getting a local mechanic to do the log book servicing from now on. $220 + parts.

Does anyone that has paid for a 45k service have a list of genuine Mitsubishi part numbers?

I also spoke to K-Mart. They offered about $420 for a service which was tempting based on my location. They also offered to get genuine parts if required. Both the K-Marts were friendly and knowledgeable, and happy to chat. I expect I was talking to the franchise owner in both cases.


Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2017, 15:43
by a4x4kiwi
Interesting to note is the 2017 model has a $350 cap!
Much more affordable if you dont have an x fleet vehicle.

Outlander Servicing Advice

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2017, 22:58
by Ultralights
we got our 30K service done at Liverpool Mitsubishi, price was $440.    we were told it wasn't eligible for fixed price service as well, but when we went in an saw them, it was $440.

we bough ours ex Mitsubishi corporate from North Shore Mitsubishi.   they offered us an extra 3 years warranty if we service it with them, but when the service was due, told us the mobile service wasn't available as the mobile guy didn't have the PHEV service equipment.   so we went to Liverpool, much closer (about 2 blocks away) and $300 cheaper.. so had to give up the extra warranty,   but we will save a lot on service costs.   we still have 4 years left of the 5 year factory warranty.