Outlander PHEV Aspire question

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Outlander PHEV Aspire question

Post by TimH » Fri, 11 Jan 2019, 21:39

Can anyone with an Australian 2014/15 Aspire please answer me this:

1. Can you pre-cool the car on a hot day with the associated android app? Does it need to be plugged in and charging to do so (that would basically mean only while at home)... I'm in Qld and often cars are baking hot after being parked in the sun whilst out and about. I want to know if it can be pre-cooled remotely or not.

2. Does the adaptive cruise control work in stop-start traffic, or does it not work in <60km/hr speeds? I heard there was a recent software change that removed the ability to work in stop-start traffic.

It's difficult to find up-to-date information on these questions for Australian conditions. These aspects would make a big decision on me buying one.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Outlander PHEV Aspire question

Post by rhills » Sat, 12 Jan 2019, 00:44

Hi Tim,

You can operate the climate control via the remote app for heating or cooling. I believe it works whether the vehicle is plugged in or not, though I haven't tested this on mine. Some of the limitations that prevent me from using this feature myself much at all include:
  1. The range between your app and the phone is a bit limited (about 20m max in my experience). Also, when your phone is connected to the Outlander (via WiFi) it can't connect to the internet;
  2. The app functionality is a bit klunky; you can't just tap something to cool your car to 25° for the next 15 mins, you have to "schedule" it to start and then turn on the scheduler (or else have it come on at the same time each day you set it for);
  3. The climate control chews up quite a bit of power and eats into your range unless you're plugged in while running it.
WRT the Adaptive Cruise control, it's the beez kneez and one of the best features of this vehicle IMHO, right up there with the EV traction and the seamless way the vehicle manages transition between EV, charging, regenerative braking and ICE traction! WRT the Adapting Cruise Control working in stop-start traffic, the answer is yes and no! You have to be doing over 40kph to set the cruise control, but once started, it will happily slow the vehicle to a halt if the vehicle in front stops. However, as soon as it does stop for more than a second or so, a warning appears on the dash saying "put your foot on the brake" (or something similar) and the cruise control disengages. However if the vehicle in front doesn't quite stop, or it pauses very briefly, the adaptive cruise control will happily shadow it, slowing down, pausing briefly and then accelerating again as the vehicle in front takes off. Also, if you have previously "set" the cruise control, it will happily "resume" from quite slow speeds (definitely below 40kph), though I've not tested it to see if there's any lower limit to this.

Stop-start traffic is almost fun with this gizmo (says someone who doesn't commute to work daily!)

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