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Scooter with removable Dual Batteries - Yogo

Post by 7circle » Fri, 25 Jun 2010, 06:13

Noticed this scooter on Gizmag,


Standard and Sport models
Sport spec says
1500W (hub motor)
# 40mp/h top speed
# 22 miles per battery (44 miles with additional battery)

Analogue Retro Dash indicator for battery pack/s
and a switch to select battery I or II.
Each battery is 50V x 20Ah (Doesn't say how heavy)
Comes with 20A charger so 1hr top up to 90%. (picture looks like 10A)

".. intelligently monitoring and balancing the individual lithium cells.."

Bike has an Imobilizer too.

Few little issues with webiste info,

Looks like a nicely marketed bike. Lots of people in the melbourne that have asked me about electric scooters would go go for this.

Hope to see some real world owner feed back.

And an Australian distributer hopefully.

What competition would it need to be compared to in Australia?
Need to consider registraion requirements.

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Scooter with removable Dual Batteries - Yogo

Post by antiscab » Sun, 27 Jun 2010, 22:58

the bike should be able to pass australian compliance pretty much as is (the LA adr category is not overly strict, but is limited to 50kmh).

If you want to be able to use it at the rated 65kmh, it will need to be complianced LC.
in WA if its limited to 60kmh, you can ride it on a car licence.
in all other states, you will need a minimum licence of R-EXA (motorbike of less than 100cc and automatic).

the LC category is stricter than the LA category, so will be harder to comply with.

in "car licence states", if the bike is limited to 50kmh (to comply with adr category LA) and is registered under the LA category, you need only a C class licence (or better).

this product would be competing with the orignal Emax, new Emax, Swei, and a few others.
Those bikes go for around AUS$2k (except the new Emax which is more expensive, but far better built).

tbh, there is *very* little money in the 50kmh scooter category.
most people buy them as toys.

Those that do end up using them seriously for commuting either upgrade to a motorbike that can do the speed limit reasonably quickly or modify the scooter to do so.

increasing the speed limit of a LA category scooter above 50kmh puts it out of category and voids both your registration insurance and any other insurance you have.

If you are looking to import scooters, I would suggest to look instead at the 125cc equivalent market.
not only is the market size larger, the bikes will sell for much more (petrol 125cc scooters go for around AUS$3-4k retail).

it costs only marginally more to make a 125cc equivalent electric scooter than it does to make a 50cc equivalent scooter.


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