Electric bicycle.

From go-karts and bicycles to electric eskies and kids scooters.
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Electric bicycle.

Post by Striker »

Hey all,

I'm considering building an electric bicycle, and have found this on eBay:

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/48V1000W-e-bike- ... 2c527928a1

Anyone have any opinions on this?

Also, are these controllers programmable?
What would the difference between a single gear, and 5-gears get me?

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Electric bicycle.

Post by woody »

Hi Striker,

I went a long way down the path of investigating an e-bike, but I got too performance mad and it got too expensive (xlyte 530x + 24 Headways), so I decided to save the money for my Cortina.

The 5 gear and 1 gear is just the number of cogs on the "cassette" attached to the motor so you can still pedal the bike, it's not any difference with the motor.

I think you should ride one of these beasties before buying, see what 200W/400W/3kW feels like.

These are usually advertised in terms of battery drain (W) instead of mechanical output (W), so YMMV.

The most legitimate-looking retailer I found was E-MTB who also do 2kw + 3.5kW bikes with videos.

Of course, street legal in NSW is 200W, even if you are drought and famine resistant, like us.

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Electric bicycle.

Post by will01 »

Hi Striker, woody is right.

You really need to take care of few important factors before purchasing of electric bicycle. like the no of gears, batteries etc.

I can suggest you one name which can assist you in this regard i.e. electric-bicycle.com.au.
bontar hoklin
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Electric bicycle.

Post by bontar hoklin »

This looks great but one thing i would like you to consider is the performance of the bike that is its output, power of acceleration etc. You should also think of the price does really it cost that much.
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Electric bicycle.

Post by Tritium_James »

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Electric bicycle.

Post by coulomb »

Tritium_James wrote: Maybe we need a 'report spam to admins' button on here...

The third option on the "Post Options" menu is "report post". I use it for spam or way off topic (e.g. shoes, phones) once a month or so.
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Electric bicycle.

Post by jeofjingjeff »

I love the idea of building electric bicyles. It is a pretty amazing form of transportation. The basic motivation
is to have an efficient and environmentally friendly way to stay out one's car for short trips around town,
and also as a silent trail bike for exploring the hills as a form of exercise.
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