Help with Curtis 1225 controller

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Help with Curtis 1225 controller

Post by timbo76 » Wed, 17 Feb 2016, 13:15


I have been assisting a young local man with MS, who has an Afikim SE mobility scooter.
His scooter had a blown Curtis 1225 controller, which I replaced with a new 1225 from Bylong Industries in Sydney.
Now I am having difficulty re-programming the new Curtis 1225 to the Afikim settings e.g. throttle type needs to change etc.
I have constructed my own USB/Serial cables from information gleaned through hours of forum reading, and have a copy of the Curtis software.
The Curtis software will recognise my adapters, but will not connect to the Curtis 1225, giving me consistent “Error 23 – Connection timeout or unable to connect” messages.

Now I am not sure if you can help, but I am looking to find either a Curtis OEM USB cable or handheld programmer that I can hire to reset the new box and get him on his way again. Its simply not viable for me to purchase the Curtis gear new. ($700+)

If you have any information or leads on people who may be able to help, that would be great.

I live in Tennant Creek in the middle if NT, so I am not able to get to any suppliers or repairers nearby, and obviously I would be happy to pay postage and hire fees etc.

I've already learnt so much reading these forums, and I appreciate anymore help you can give.

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Help with Curtis 1225 controller

Post by coulomb » Thu, 18 Feb 2016, 00:24

Private message sent. Timbo76, please check your messages inbox.
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