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Iskra PERM & AC drivetrains

Posted: Sat, 12 Mar 2011, 01:08
by Mesuge
I've been eyeing several slovenian produced ac systems for years, there are at least 4x companies (plus related university research programs) in this tiny alpine country specializing in this area, perhaps because of long tradition of electronics industries, mostly they are focusing on marine segment for export to Austria/Italy/Germany as eco-transporation.

Anyway, this particular company ISKRA has been advertising since 2009 "under development" complete drivetrain systems of the perm breed, so it's likely ready by now. There is following combo 50kW peak motor - 75kW peak inverter, for 200-450VDC, 12000rpm, 200Nm at peak (360A), very compact and lightweight, watercooled, internal motor resolver, canbus and PC control. Seems as very good alternative candidate to smaller ver. of Azure and Curtis in terms of desired application (voltage, power, vehicle size..). Supposedly automotive certified, so EU/AUS-NZ diy regulation friendly. This is a perm so the question obviously is price, especially now with the chinese export limits on earthrares, and availability, isn' it OEM gem exclusive again etc. Plus the inverter is likely to run some bigger HSD perms (up to its 75kW peak), so perhaps few more ponnies could be extracted from it.

.pdf flyer HV Perm drives: ... _DRIVE.pdf


They have started on smaller low voltage asynchro AC units, there is an inventive guy, Mr. Pecjak with several interesting conversion on his belt over the years, who is using the latest version ~15kW peak LV system for gen1 Smart, you can check his exploits incl. vids here and on evalbum as well.

.pdf flyer LV small AC drives:
.pdf flyer showing control software gui: ... ystems.pdf

Smart entry:
Smart pages:

PS as the first fleets from various conversion vendors clearly demonstrated in the late 2000s, for Smart to match/improve on ICE performance you need at least 30-40kW peak achieving not compromised all and all performance, although 15kW AC and tranny (quality replacement since origo gen1 tranny is mighty $hit) in combo w. lightweigh Lipo pack (as Andrej does here) should be enough for dedicated city car, given no extreme highway overpasses/related fast traffic application etc. For heavier prismatics Calb/TS you definately need something at least above 20-25kW or don't take passanger and or baggage, also go visit a gym first, drop some kgs lol.

Iskra PERM & AC drivetrains

Posted: Sat, 12 Mar 2011, 13:59
by Mesuge
Lets stay for a while in the same country.
Emrax motors (and future controllers), liquid cooled, high torque (~200Nm), the best BLDC price/power/weight ratio on the market, possible application of direct drive on the same axis for cars..

40kW peak, 30kW cont. in basic ver.
60kW peak, 33kW cont. in advanced ver.
80kW peak setup test pending
=> ~2x for double direct drive ... otors.html


Iskra PERM & AC drivetrains

Posted: Sat, 12 Mar 2011, 21:01
by PlanB
So any indication of price, availability or a users manual for Iskra's HV-ECU?

Iskra PERM & AC drivetrains

Posted: Sun, 13 Mar 2011, 11:20
by Mesuge
I'll post it when/if it comes, there is some preliminary ballpark figure on those Emrax motors around $3k quoted as base for US customer. However, pursuing multiple inquiries is welcomed as it will send a message to the factory there is building up of interest.