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Re: New Blade Electron owner

Posted: Sat, 25 Aug 2018, 11:09
by mjcrow
Hi Tim,
It sounds like there is a chance the tritium isn't getting the canbus messages. You said the fault led used to flash, is it now solid or not illuminated at all. The "flash" codes are:-
Reporting of errors is primarily achieved by the red LED on the end of the
Tritium Controller, which is reproduced on the Fault LED 1 output (pin 15) so it can drive the
Master Indicator Lamp in the instrument cluster. Different flash patterns allow a number of errors
to be reported:
• Off: No errors
• Solid: No CAN messages received – check connectivity between the BMS and the Tritium Controller
• Slow irregular flash (25% on, 75% off): Limp override mode active
• Slow flash (1 per second): Non-­‐critical fault reported by Orion BMS
• Fast flash (3 per second): Critical fault reported by Orion BMS

I have attached the Tritium Controller for TM4 pdf in case you don't have a copy.
Also if you don't have an oscilloscope but you have a multimeter, you can do some canbus troubleshooting by following the steps in this guide ... -Guide.pdf
I hope this helps,