Grinhill's Daihatsu Mira reboot

Post up a thread for your EV. Progress pics, description and assorted alliteration
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Grinhill's Daihatsu Mira reboot

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Greetings all,

Here's my "new" project, which is a previous conversion purchased in a non-running state.

The car's previous history is a little sketchy, but the conversion was done when the car was new and it was owned by the the NRMA as a promotional thing.

Its a 1993 model, with a few little touches like a body kit and sunroof, in remarkably good condition for its age and about 3000 km on the clock (yes that's three thousand).

There is a DC motor and Curtis 1221B-6601, it was running on 10 x 6V batteries. It's got an auto transmission.

The engineer's certificate has been lost along the way, there are now no batteries, the controller is partially dismantled and motor mounts are also partially dismantled.

The RMS website tells me rego expired in 2006, the tare weight was 940kg and a special condition was driver only.

I have the car at the Catavolt workshop at present, I'll be calling on Jon's expertise to assist with getting it going again.

My aim is to install some Lithium and have it back on the road as soon as possible. I will probably have to get it re-engineered, and hopefully as a two-seater with the weight savings.

I would love to hear if anyone can add some history to the story.ImageImage
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Grinhill's Daihatsu Mira reboot

Post by Johny »

Wow what a neat little car. I'd be very curious about how that auto box is being managed. Has it got an external fluid pump going on there?
I can see some ring-gear teeth so the flywheel/torque converter seems to still be present.
Very interesting. Looking forward to your progress.
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