Ian Hooper's RX7 Conversion

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Ian Hooper's RX7 Conversion

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Well after about 12 months of 100% reliable service from the RX7, I had a couple of small problems crop up recently.

Firstly one of my motor cradle vibration mounts broke. It was the one which would be under tension under heavy acceleration, i.e the motor cradle tries to lift itself off this one - fair enough, the type of vibration mount I used are not really designed for tension. The original ones I used were a bit small for the job anyway (40mm diameter) so I've upgraded to 60mm diameter ones with over twice the load rating. Here's old vs new:


The second issue was with the reversing contactor. The reverse coil had become increasingly intermittent over the last few weeks. It was getting power, still reading correct resistance, pulling normal amount of current, the solenoid pin seemed to move freely and the contacts weren't seized.. but was failing to engage the contactor reliably for some reason. Luckily I had a spare contactor with compatible coil to swap in and it seems to have solved the problem, but I'm still not really sure what the deal was with the old coil..
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Ian Hooper's RX7 Conversion

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that really is a sexy car lol and it sounds like you have had a good run with your conversion
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Ian Hooper's RX7 Conversion

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Hi, nice work and nice car. Noticed the Bussman fuse in the boot. My Sirion has just been passed by the electrician and he wanted a cover around the fuse to contain the material (sand?)inside the fuse. It's not mentioned in NCOP but it seemed reasonable and easily done. I used a chainsaw fuel mixing container.
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