Jack Rickard passed away

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Jack Rickard passed away

Post by coulomb »

Colourful EV promoter Jack Rickard dies at 65.


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Re: Jack Rickard passed away

Post by jonescg »

It's been a rough year to say the least. We also just lost Jackson Edwards, aka Farfle from numerous EV forums. He was killed when he crashed his self-built aeroplane in Oregon. The plane once ran on batteries and a Zero motor, but he recently changed it back to a Rotax. After climbing to 100 m he radioed a power loss, and the plane quickly ditched.

Farfle built all manner of crazy electric bike, motorcycle, aeroplane and even built custom swingarms for downhill e-MTBs. He designed the batteries for Luna cycles and worked for Farasis batteries. Only 27 :(
AEVA National Secretary, WA branch chair.
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Re: Jack Rickard passed away

Post by T1 Terry »

RIP Jack, 65 is way too early to fall off the perch. His EVTV weekly shows on the interweb was my entry point into the whole conversion world ... and probably my caffeine addiction so I could stay awake through a whole episode. Stopped watching it when his co presenter left, it just got too slow after that .....

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