Tesla quick top up.

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Tesla quick top up.

Post by Monkeytom »

2 x PIP5048MS
15S2Px3 45x90Ah TS with
45x100Ah CALB
With 6Kw Solar Offgrid
6x175W BP 1Kw Si Offgrid
28x60W Thin film Offgrid
18x185W 2Kw Si Offgrid
72x82W gridtied CMS2000 2kw north,2Kw East,2Kw west.

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Re: Tesla quick top up.

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and for the people that dont have facebook

If you don't have time to do it right,
When will you have time to do it over

Help those who help themselves first

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Re: Tesla quick top up.

Post by rhills »

Saw that, noticed that eventually someone else was respectful enough to walk up to the person and point out the problem instead of sitting back and laughing at her and filming her.

Do you think she is going to be favourably disposed towards EVs when she sees herself ridiculed on FB?

I'm sure I've done equally stupid things in the past, was just lucky there wasn't someone around to video it and put it up for the world to see.

There but for the grace...
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