Lead Crystal batteries for non-EV application?

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Lead Crystal batteries for non-EV application?

Post by rhills » Thu, 12 Apr 2018, 15:25

Hi Guys,

In another forum I haunt, someone has asked about replacing existing AGM "house" batteries in a Recreational Vehicle with some "Lead Crystal" batteries.

From my brief reading, Lead Crystal batteries are the absolute beez neez and will cure everything from the common cold to AIDS. So, I am suspicious.

Given that house battery capacity in RVs is typically around the 200-400AH mark, weight is much less of an issue than it is in an EV and charge/discharge rates are less important than safe maximum discharge and life expectancy, are LC batteries a better alternative than Lithiums in this context? The other consideration here is charging. Typically an RV will have at least 3 different chargers for house and starter batteries (240V, Alternator and Solar Panels) and they usually have fairly simple starter/house battery separation systems that typically charge all batteries in parallel which I understand is not always the best plan if your starter battery is Lead-Acid and your house batteries are lithiums.

Has anyone in this forum had personal experience with Lead Crystal Batteries, or cause to test or research the claims made for them?

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Re: Lead Crystal batteries for non-EV application?

Post by Johny » Thu, 12 Apr 2018, 15:31

Snake oil. They're c$%p. Check some marine forums.
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Re: Lead Crystal batteries for non-EV application?

Post by offgridQLD » Fri, 11 May 2018, 06:35

I wouldn't dismiss the weight saving of lithium in a motorhome.

A smart all in one dc/dc converter - mains battery charger that can iron out alternator/mains power charging issues. Some can also Have PV inputs.

The only issue I can see with batterys and motor homes ( its the same issue for all batterys) is heat.

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