G'day, first post

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G'day, first post

Post by Kieran »

G'day everyone.

I'm here because I'm an Australian made groupie and a car enthusiast (used to be a petrol head but that might have to change). I'm in mourning over the impending demise of the Aussie car industry and so I'm looking for alternatives. It seems to me that it's a lot easier to set up a factory making electric motors than ICEs so I'm wondering if that is an option for a future Aussie made vehicle.

I'm aware of lots of chassis/body builders out there from hot rods to sports cars. Are there Australian made EV drive train suppliers that could complete a high local content EV?

I'm also into motorsport and EVs seem to be a brilliant solution for many categories of racing. I'm in a hire kart league and at most tracks we visit there can be variances between kart performance so you hope you get a good one. It seems to me that EV karts could be a lot more even in performance.

Thanks for reading and I hope to contribute more in the future.
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G'day, first post

Post by Johny »

Hi Kieran and welcome. There definitely are Australian made electric components for EVs. WaveSculptor comes to mind immediately.
Dave (weber on this forum ) is also looking for a job so put him in charge of the technical side.

See his job hint here.
viewtopic.php?title=weber-and-coulombs- ... 544#p52544

Seriously (actually that WAS serious), it's an interesting time in motor sport with EVs raising their quiet little heads all over the place.
Here is Oz made one car already showing it's stuff:
viewtopic.php?title=electric-racer-beat ... 259#p52527
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