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New member from Sydney

Posted: Mon, 09 Apr 2012, 22:56
by manlytom
Hi all. finally made it to join this forum. I have a strong interest in well thought out sustainable approaches. From any vehicle, to the right offsets and to arrive at a low emission footprint of our house.
I hope that especially in the area of vehicles that more can be done.

So far I got to the renovation with loads of insulation, thickest glass possible, airflows/louvres to do away with aircon, all LED lighting and now finally a Zero motorcycle.

projects I am looking at is to convert my Zero bike to all LED and possibly get into doing some mods to it.

To get the family transport more green I am keen to see if one better builds or buys one of these upcoming Leafs /Mievs etc.

as well on:

New member from Sydney

Posted: Tue, 10 Apr 2012, 14:14
by whimpurinter
Hi manlytom, and welcome Image

I, too, share your sentiments, though I may take it a little far at times.

We're lucky to have a house which has good breezes, which is an immediate advantage.   We've put in a goodly number of solar panels and have the vacuum-tube-type solar hot water system (Hills).

I have an electric scooter (it's fabulous to have been riding motorcycles since 1969, on and off, so that the electric scooter is just an extension of your hands and not a concern about how to ride the thing).

The battery car will be here s o o n.

The Prius will be modified in around 7 weeks so that it will have a much greater range on electric power.

We have mostly rechargeable AA's, and a few rechargeable AAA's, C's and D battteries. Also a couple of 9volt rechargeables

I have a low-energy pool pump (yes, the pool was here already - and social pressures mean it won't be leaving us anytime soon).

I also have all LED 'fluoro's' fitted to the house and garage now. Very bright, no 'starter' involved, very long life. Apparently the Government have been fitting them all over the place to reduce the need to send out electricians to keep replacing traditional fluoros. We have 3 LED floodlights of 30W each.

Naturally, we have the 'low-energy' lights that have replaced the older filament bulbs. I'm still reserving a decision on how overall successful they are, pollution wise, and longlife-wise, aside from using a lot less power.

We're planning to get an induction stove before too long.

We still have all our trees and greenery (unlike the empty space next door). Oh, and we just got a water tank, after all this time (22700L) though it full only to the first ring.

We don't use poisons in general.

I'm always on the lookout for a better way to go. I hope anyone with a new discovery for energy-use reduction will let us know.

It's great to hear from you.   People, in general, seem to be coming around to these aims only very slowly.

New member from Sydney

Posted: Tue, 08 May 2012, 01:25
by LanceKalp
The LED "bulbs" are designed LED Spotlight wholesale to be drop-in replacements for incandescents; the electronics to regulate the AC line led strip lights 12v voltage down to LED Tube voltage/current suitable for LEDs is already included.

Presumably the fluorescent replacements would be the same, although I have not seen them.

New member from Sydney

Posted: Tue, 08 May 2012, 14:16
by whimpurinter
The strip LED fluoro-type lights we had fitted look like standard fluoros but are significantly brighter than those which were replaced. I wondered initially whether we would be happy with the strength and type of light they produce but I'm very happy so far. They are 'tiger' brand, just so you know what I'm referring to.   As usual, I'm not promoting anything I have a connection to (because I have no connection to anything Image )