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UK Electric vans and trucks

Posted: Fri, 19 Sep 2008, 07:59
by Lahzie

Has these companies been posted here before?

Why don't we get these in Oz. Totally unaffected by fuel prices.

UK Electric vans and trucks

Posted: Sat, 20 Sep 2008, 02:26
by moemoke
Aren't they great.
Yes why don't we get them! Our Government has its head stuck in the sand or in oil corps rear ends.
They would probably say 'they don't meet our design rules' which brings up another topic, why aren't design rules the same throughout the world, are people more fragile in different countries or are trees harder in others.
Maybe the price has something to do with there rarity in Aus, 59k pommy pounds for a 7 tonne truck, is that about $150 000, seems alot. But it does have 4 Zebra batteries which are the BEST. The solar taxi has one, interesting technology.

I was reading in the Herald Sun car section (cars guide) last week about the new Hino Hybrid, I think it was about a 5 ton truck with a 36kW elec motor. I did see one at 'Trucks in Action' early this year but no one around to talk about it.

Anyway the motor only weighs 42ish kg. I thought that would be great in a small car Image