Toyota to go the Hydrogen route

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Toyota to go the Hydrogen route

Post by acmotor »

Don't worry, mass adoption of hydrogen fuelled transport will not happen.
If for no other reason then because our minister said so ...

“We’ll look at how we can assist the industry get off its feet, "

Don't you hate it when people's command of English is so poor when they are iin such a position of power ?

I can imaginge helping an industry off the ground or getting it on to its feet, but getting it off its feet ? What, knock it off its feet ? Oh that would be like the support for EVs in Oz already.
Oh sorry, he meant to go up off its feet, maybe in a ball of flame Image

Sorry too if that sounds like a character attack. I just can't follow how gullible politicians are.
Why can't we have more engineers and scientists in government ?
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Toyota to go the Hydrogen route

Post by Richo »

Maybe he meant to say that he wants to help them get off their face Image

Yeah I can't see engineers or scientists that have to deal with govt red tape want to give up the engineering and science to just do the red tape.
That said they must have paid Dr Karl well to be on TV.

Where did the hydrogen buses refuel?
Surely they didn't all go down to Kwinana at the gas byproducts station...

The hydrogen is compressed anyway so it's a fireball for a tenth of a second.
So wouldn't really be like air ships of yesteryear.
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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Toyota to go the Hydrogen route

Post by TooQik »

acmotor wrote:Why can't we have more engineers and scientists in government ?
There's no place in politics for common sense. Image
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Toyota to go the Hydrogen route

Post by Rusdy »

Johny wrote:
Hey, bundle a charger into the mix and call it a PHYEV. (Say it like "five")

Better patent that, quick!!
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