Mazda Super Capacitor Regen

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Mazda Super Capacitor Regen

Post by bga »

I have been wondering about this for a while...
Here's a link:

SAE link to Mazda regen brakes

I had my suspicions beforehand, but this confirmed them.

It's a 12V system that uses the alternator, a capacitor and charge converter.
The specs are along the line of:
12V, 50 Amps of energy processing capability.
25000 Joules of capacitor (7.2 watt hours of energy) 12-25V capacitor voltage.

That mighty 7 Wh is enough to accelerate the vehicle to about 6kph, but it appears to be used to start the engine from stop-idle. Mazda fuels and fires the cylinder nearest to top dead centre and uses the alternator to provide some additional impetus to get the engine running again.   

Rarely has so much been written about something so boring! It is best described as the Carbon Capture and Sequestration of Hybrid vehicles.
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Mazda Super Capacitor Regen

Post by offgridQLD »

A car fitted with a ICE continuing to spinning the alternator under compression braking... (foot off accelerator inertia of the car driving the motor in gear) while the now spinning motor drives the alternator to charge a battery.

Isn't this how every ICE car fitted with a alternator works and has always worked this way. Trying to jump on the RB band wagon and call it a regen braking system is a bit of a joke

It has a capacitor / quick start system to save idling at the traffic lights and thats about it. This isn't anything new they have been fitting that on diesel delivery vans and the like in the UK for years.

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Mazda Super Capacitor Regen

Post by Adverse Effects »

has anyone seen the new F1 system? its charged battery s under braking and then the driver can use it as a boost

i dont know much more about it as i just happen to catch them talking about it for about 10 sec
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Mazda Super Capacitor Regen

Post by Richo »

Yeah the Mazda caps are just a Gimmick.

Do you mean KERS for the F1 systems?

So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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