ABC Story 10 bucks a litre

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ABC Story 10 bucks a litre

Post by coulomb »

Richo wrote: ... when it's 45DegC outside I'd rather not have any windows facing North.

But when it's 45C outside, it's usually the middle of summer so the sun is overhead (ok, maybe more so in Brisbane than in Perth). So a slight awning or other overhang means you don't let sun in in summer, but you do in winter.

It's all very reliable since there are no moving parts (apart from celestial ones, and they are well insulated against wear and tear).
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ABC Story 10 bucks a litre

Post by unheardofinstruments »

what europe uses on standby mode could power africa, we have a long way to go on efficiency, that requires no new power stations at all.

Anyone promoting nuclear power should see the many documentaries on chernobyl, especially the orphanages, doctors from the west flying over to do something about thyroidectomy waiting lists for kids, doctors doing annual radiolucleotide level tests on schoolchildren, ... then extrapolate to what just happened in fukashima and then try to mount any kind of argument the risks of nuclear power are acceptable or anything comparable to the real cost of other forms of power, apples and oranges, What risks are involved in going renewable? Dick also got the facts wrong, wind is already cheaper than coal even without even counting the giant government subsidies and profit taking by distributors.
Start a search at `Helen Caldicott interviews arnie gunderson fukashima' for those who care to find out some truth the news is all but blind to. We have an ongoing situation that should have international funding to fix as soon as possible and still serious contamination of the oceans continues amongst bungling companies in financial instead of ecological damage control mode, electronic dick didn't fly over that particular site but his enthusiasm for the EV smart renewable grid, solar thermal, biofuel and other viable solutions was good to see appear in the mainstream media. Grow algae and thrive, drive an EV, farm biodynamic, envision utopia, drive around on biodiesel, go off grid, people desperately need to see working examples of alternatives, not be told renewables won't cut it.
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ABC Story 10 bucks a litre

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Correct Coulomb, our house here in Perth is a terrible orientation and we spend a lot on heating in winter. We built a big kitted out 'shed' down at our farm after reading a lot of passive energy building books and it is amazing how constant the temperature is throughout the year. Using solar panels as our awning which helps capture the low sun in winter too..
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ABC Story 10 bucks a litre

Post by Richo »

coulomb wrote: ..the middle of summer so the sun is overhead

New house designs lately have the gutter as the eve.
And some of the houses copy from Europe designs have windows at the top of the roof to purposely let light shine on a thermal mass inside the house - ie a large wall.

But I agree a standard eve on the North should be a minimum.
So the short answer is NO but the long answer is YES.
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