"Current climate ripe for Mustang"

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"Current climate ripe for Mustang"

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Here's a scan of an article featured in today's edition of WA newspaper The Sunday Times on electric vehicles. In this one, Neil Dowling talks with Rob Mason about his (growing collection of) electric vehicles. Quite a well balanced, in-depth article I think:


Personal note: That's actually the drivetrain from my MX5 in the main pic! (How's that motor-tailshaft coupler going, Rob? Image )

By the way, did anyone happen to record the segment on EVs featured on ABC Stateline last Friday? (I missed it altogether..)
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"Current climate ripe for Mustang"

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It's great to see electric vehicles in WA getting some media coverage!
If only the Solar Taxi had got some exposure.
I recorded the Stateline program, it was a positive segment for the AEVA
and electric vehicles in general.
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