Blade Runner Electric Car

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Blade Runner Electric Car

Post by a4x4kiwi »

Hi everyone,

There was a segment on Today Tonight on the 25th of March (yesterday) regarding the Blade Runner.

See ... ectric-car

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Blade Runner Electric Car

Post by Mark T »

I missed it but I've had lots of people mention it to me.
I wonder if anyone recorded it so we can add it to the website.
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Blade Runner Electric Car

Post by Thalass »

There was an article in Earth Garden magazine (My mum buys it, not me, honest :P) about this car. The company that makes the mag have bought one as a company car and charge it from their solar panels. Cost them bloody $35000 for the conversion (not including the car cost), but it is a good quality conversion. AC motor, lithium batteries, onboard charger, ect.
I'll drive an electric vehicle one day.
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