new EV $17,000 USD The 3G

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new EV $17,000 USD The 3G

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Hi everyone - heres another one with up to 200 miles range, no differential, two motors and cheaper than the Tesla S, maybe cheaper than the imiev, and here in 2011?

Heres the linkk ... ... 3g-enabled

its 3g enabled and can upgrade the software through that connection

There is also a bee 4 here ... s_bee_one/

this link has a 4 motor in wheel 520 kw , 3 second to 60 MPH, top 250 MILES per hour

What do you think of that ?

edit no 1 and pics of the racing car bee 4 are here ... eel-motors

Edit number 2 .. Finally found their website

its under construction but has an email - I will post a reply when i get one the website is ...

Cheers - Marty
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