GM & Segway - balancing 2 wheel thing

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GM & Segway - balancing 2 wheel thing

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If it was April the 1st I would not have believed it.
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GM & Segway - balancing 2 wheel thing

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Neat machine. Image (hope it doesn't run windows software !)

Image a supermarket trolley built like that. Brilliant.
What about a fruit picker or a house painter or a...

It is hard to picture a safe pedestrian area application though. Image

But can someone explain to me the obsession with two wheels side by side ? Image Segways are fun to ride I must say !

Software designers delight ? So where is the monocyle ? Image

I like the comment posted on the site. "Apply this balancing technology to a motorcycle." i.e. pendulum frame actively driven that can't fall over ! Already been done ? Oh well. Image      
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