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Newcastle EV Festival 13&14-8-16

Posted: Fri, 29 Jul 2016, 15:25
by ohmboy
The Hunter Valley EV Festival will be held on August 13 and 14.

Many EV related events and displays.

Go to Hunter EV Festival for details.

Newcastle EV Festival 13&14-8-16

Posted: Thu, 11 Aug 2016, 18:56
by dgh853
A group of four Zero motorcycles and one Leaf are heading up to the 2016 Hunter EV Festival on Saturday morning (August 13th) about 8am from Wahroonga.

We'll be stopping at Oliver's Real Foods at Wyong for 1-2 hours to top up before heading to Cameron Park where the festival is being held. Most of us are heading back on Sunday morning but you can head back whenever suits.

We have a 3 phase 32A distribution board that we can plug multiple bikes and cars into at Oliver's with multiple standard 15A and 10A sockets (BYO J1772 EVSE). If you'd like to join us please PM me for more details.

If you're looking to head up/back from Sydney at different times this weekend and need to charge on the way I have more 3 phase 32A distribution boards that you can borrow and plug in (after asking nicely Image ) at Oliver's Real Foods northbound and southbound. That will give you up to 22kW of power so should be able to plug in quite a few EVs and charge simultaneously if there's a group. If you're going up solo there is a 10A socket at both Oliver's but you'll likely need an extension cord to reach them.

Again PM me for details and hope to see you up there (I'll be on a red Zero SR).