Automate every computer operation through a script

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Automate every computer operation through a script

Post by Richardwasingeot » Sat, 13 Feb 2010, 04:11

Well, If you have ever thought of writing some script to automate those things that you are doing several times each day, then you have a great and easy way to automate the entir e process. It comes without saying that a few imacros and firefox add-ons can automate all actions related to a browser (Mozilla). If you want to automate your system as such, then you may need some other script, simple commands can automate your system. Even a beginner can automate things using a simple software called as sikuli all you need to do is to inform Sikuli what to do by giving some screenshots and straightforward commands.
A GUI will be used with Sikuli. Sikuli is an open siurce scripting application that will use a mix of simple commands like click, type, wait and so on. There's no internal API support, it simply searches the screen for the image within the screenshot-which implies that you'll be able to use it for anything. There's literally no limit on how you use it to automate things.
This is too good to be true, but if you watch the following video, you'll come to know that this is extremely easy. If you visit their home page, you get a lot of tutorials and support; it can be a cake walk even for beginners. You'll check the video as well as get the software at <a href= ...</a>

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Automate every computer operation through a script

Post by juk » Sat, 13 Feb 2010, 05:56


Automator. 'nuff said.

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