WAEVA monthly newsletter brainstorming!

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WAEVA monthly newsletter brainstorming!

Post by zeva »

Hi all,

With my recent appointment as Editor for WAEVA, I'll be lightening Dave's burden and handling the monthly newsletter in his stead. So I'm looking for thoughts and ideas on what people would like to read about. Here's a few likely ones to kick off the discussion:

- Introduction from the Chairman (sorry Dave, you're not off the hook completely!)

- Reports from any EV related events which have occured

- Details of upcoming EV related events

- Industry news (e.g Mitsubishi's MiEV announcement, that sort of thing)

- A few photos and/or specs from some members' conversion progress.

What else might be good?
Ian Hooper
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WAEVA monthly newsletter brainstorming!

Post by acmotor »

How about a feature EV product locally available ?

How about news (even one line) from interstate branches / new branches ?

How about a regular comment from Daniel Booth re conversions ? His latest masterpiece ?

Some interesting web sites to visit ?

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WAEVA monthly newsletter brainstorming!

Post by rhills »

Hi Ian,

I'm very new around here, having joined only a month ago, so please excuse me if this is a silly question, but what is the target Audience for the magazine? I'd have thought that this forum here provides the most useful and timely flow of information for members, but maybe a significant proportion of members aren't au fait with this kind of forum?

Anyway, the target audience would dictate the content and format of the newsletter. If it's aimed at non-members (ie to encourage them to take an interest in EVs and ideally become members) then I'd have thought you'd be aiming for more "human interest" stories and pix and less of the techie stuff. If we're targeting members, then maybe we need to weight it towards technically-oriented content.

FWIW, I'm also a member of a Yacht Club which is seriously considering phasing out its glossy paper periodical and beefing up its website so I'm used to seeing regular navel contemplation about the role of printed newsletters.

Hope some of this rambling is useful.
Rob Hills
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WAEVA monthly newsletter brainstorming!

Post by Thalass »

I think news about EVs in the news would be good. Not copying articles, of course, but for instance I just found out that the Tesla Roadster was recently reviewed by Top Gear Magazine! Something I thought would never happen!

Similar to industry news, I suppose, but with more focus on the exposure to the general public that EVs are receiving?

Something like that.

Also, in addition to the photos/specs of members' conversions, how about a tips and tricks section with advice on conversion related things. How-tos and where-to-gos and things like that. How to safely route wiring to ensure minimal wear, or where to go to get that motor mount made for you, etc.

Perhaps also a brief advertising section at the back for places like that, too. Though it would have to be small - nothing sh*ts me more than a magazine with more ads than articles.
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WAEVA monthly newsletter brainstorming!

Post by evric »

The SA branch of the AEVA is up and running with about 30 people attending the September 2008 meeting. The next meeting is October 22 and we will be having a guest speaker - Alan Whitaker, who is the Coordinator of Vehicle Standards, Vehicle Services section of the Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure at Regency Park SA. Meetings are held at the Duke of Brunswick Hotel (Upstairs conference room) at 207 Gilbert St, Adeliade. Regards Eric Rodda
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