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Mt Hawthorne Festival

Posted: Mon, 04 May 2015, 20:45
by jonescg
The Perth branch had a small stall at the Mount Hawthorne Streets and Laneways festival. The turnout was great and there were lots of long and engaging discussions about electric propulsion, the Electric Highway and most importantly, people asking us for advice on "which electric car they should buy?" as opposed to "what are they?".


Then the cold wet and windy conditions set in, so we made for a quick retreat! I was particularly pleased to see several women asking about EVs and where to charge them.

Also interesting was the guy who said "Yeah, EVs are great in theory, but they're just not practical". I explained to him that the Electric Highway would mean he could drive the 300 km trip to Prevelly in 4 hours, but that extra hour was enough to negate even the bonus of free fuel. Some people are impossible to please...

Mt Hawthorne Festival

Posted: Mon, 04 May 2015, 21:29
by reecho
The best comment was from a young lady who thought both the cars were the same....:-)

So is that a big up for the I-Miev, or a big sad for the BMW....?... :-)

Quite busy all day too....