Evening Cruise/Social meet

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Evening Cruise/Social meet

Post by Andrew »

Once some more members have their EVs rolling (and road registered), perhaps there could be an evening cruise/social meet organised. Say on a monthly basis (for now)? As well as meetings, a social meet so that members can check out each others rides, catch up and go for an EV cruise around town. If anyone is interested? Meet point NoR at a Maccas car park is my suggestion. Image
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Evening Cruise/Social meet

Post by Thalass »

Not to be a downer or anything, but Perth is quite spread out... Someone on a limited budget in Rockingham would have a bit of trouble making it up to the city, even on the freeway I'd wager. I'm up in Ellenbrook and I'd have trouble making it, too. :p

That is, of course, untill LiFeP04 batteries come down in price. :D

But if I could make it, I would definately go! Once I start building I'm joining WAEVA properly and all, so I'll be there! :)
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Evening Cruise/Social meet

Post by zeva »

Thalass makes a good point - so all you lead-sled owners out there will just have to hurry up and get decent batteries Image

Seriously though, yeah I'd definitely be up for that once my EV is on the road, sounds like fun.
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Evening Cruise/Social meet

Post by antiscab »

definately sounds like fun. Im up for that....but itll b a little lonely for the first few meets:P

speaking of, i have still yet to see this sierra, very interested in the setup, particularly the shaft encoder. The shaft encoder technology is very very new to me.

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