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Advertising and Classifieds

Post by Andrew » Wed, 09 Jul 2008, 23:25

Due to recent abuse of the AEVA forums, and several accounts being Banned, there is a new rule in place.

If you wish to advertise or sell a product on the AEVA forums;
a) you must be a member of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association.
b) anything you sell or advertise must be placed in the For Sale/Wanted section and you must have at least 30 posts.
c) you must abide by the rules outlined in the For Sale/ Wanted section
d) no-one is to advertise or try and sell a product in any part of this forum other than the dedicated For Sale section.

This is just to try and keep trouble makers out of these forums and save our members from hassles.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM or use our Online Contact Form

Andrew (AEVA webmaster)

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